Less hassle, more golf.
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Birdietime is an online service that helps you to arrange and manage golf lessons and trips.
With our service you can focus more on your business, golf.
We will take care of the rest. For free.


Experienced team with #letsgo and #birdietime attitude in everything we do.

Mikko Back

Founder, Sales & Business Management

Tomi Mikola

Co-founder, Tech Development

Antti Kaihlanen

Co-founder, Marketing

Jan Ruoho

Co-owner, Advisor and Managing Director of Vierumäki Golf

Johanna Palin

Co-owner, Advisor and Chief Legal Officer of Invesdor Ltd.

Marc Wullings

Co-owner, Advisor and Serial Entrepreneur & Sales Executive.

Jussi Rouhento

Co-owner, Advisor and Head of Finland at Northern Horizon Capital & Chairman of Tawast Golf

Lars Sonck

Co-owner, Advisor and Triapplo Ltd. Executive and former PGA Professional.

Our team has been working on digitalizing businesses since the era of the internet bubble. We are passionate about making things usable and people happy. And we know a lot about golf.

Play more with us.

Our service will be piloted in Finland with selected golf professionals during summer 2016 and launched later the same year. If you’re intererested in participating our pilot or want to discuss more about our service, please drop us a line or two - let’s have a chat or even play a few rounds of golf.